Why does my business need business support?

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A question I get asked all of the time.

When anyone starts a business, they may think that they can do it all and save money. In some cases, this is true however for most people they realise that they cannot do it all – they are best to focus on what they do best and build a team to do the rest.

How do we become part of your team?

Building a team doesn’t mean that you have the responsibility of employing staff, dealing with payroll, finding them somewhere to work, and everything else that comes with it. Instead you can outsource . . .

At HRH that is exactly where we fit in. We work virtually in our own office, our own phone, own computer, own coffee and even our own cake (although we do share, if necessary, with clients!)

We provide a service to offer an outsourced admin department to help you manage your finances. We look after your income, expenditure and make sure that you fully understand the numbers of your business. We work a set number of hours a week or month, tailored to suit the needs of your business. We are flexible in our approach to enable business owners to receive the support they need.

If you are that business owner who feels that outsourcing could help you to provide a better service to your clients, give us a call. We love chatting with new clients and (when rules allow . . . there is always coffee and cake!)


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